Thursday, April 19, 2007

We cleaned the yard today!

We had a major ice storm last January that caused quite a lot of havoc in our yard. Our neighbors had it much worse, but we got enough! We had branches crash down on the roof, and we had to cut down some trees that were damaged. We have been slowly working through the clean up. We got most of the big stuff out to the road for the city to remove, but there have been a thousand sticks on the ground, plus the big branches that fell that Jim has/will cut up for firewood.

There has been enough "litter" of that stuff on the ground that we have not wanted to risk damaging our lawn mower by trying to mow the lawn. However, we have had so much rain that the lawn has been growing abundantly and needs a mow.

This morning, we had planned to go to the Springfield Art Museum with a lady in our ward who is quite the artist. After we got home, I felt tired so I took a half hour nap after lunch. Afterward, the boys were working on the computer art pieces for the Webelos Artist badge so I went up and starting picking up the piles of sticks the kids raked up a couple of weeks ago. Monkey came out awhile later and started moving logs to the woodpile.

After picking up the backyard pile, I headed to the front with Dog Lover and started raking up the sticks up there. She started helping me when I was loading sticks in the wheelbarrow by raking the sticks in tighter piles. Finally the clean up was done, and I brought out the lawn mower. It was a big job, and I was exhausted after doing it, but the front yard is done and part of the backyard is also completed. While I was mowing the front yard, Dragon went out back and finished stacking the logs he could handle so now the only logs out are the ones that need to be cut smaller.

I was relieved to have that done. I hate having a messy yard!

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