Thursday, April 26, 2007

Piano practicing

I finally figured out how to handle piano practicing in our day. The boys no longer are required to practice their whole lesson. They must practice 1/2 hour and do whatever they can in that time. Then if they want to practice more in the afternoon, they are most welcome to, but 80 minute practice sessions are ***over***! I can't do it anymore!

The other thing I have found is that piano has to happen first thing in the morning which causes a major conflict with breakfast. So.......I am going to have to break down and buy cold cereal for the mornings. I detest doing that, but it beats starving! I think soda crackers would be a good purchase too. When I get up early, everything comes together okay, but when I get up late, I run out of time! Then I don't have to put much effort into breakfast or lunch so schoolwork doesn't get interrupted.

I am hoping to get over to the homeschool conference tonight after the boys get their awards at pack meeting. I really want to peruse some of the science curriculums. There has to be something out there that would click for us.

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