Thursday, May 3, 2007

I got my goal planning done!

I made an insane statement that I had figured out how to handle piano practicing. Scratch that! The 30 minutes idea is good, but it isn't enough. Unfortunately, morning is the best time for practicing *and* for schoolwork so how do we do both?! We'll work it out.

I'm afraid I'm just going to have to break down and set alarms either for the kids or for me and get up earlier. Ugh! I just went to a homeschool conference where one of the things I learned was to figure out my "way of being" so to speak. My way of being is to be up doing at night. My kids time is morning. Afternoons should be a break for me and for them. So. . . I'm still figuring it out. For the record, back before kids, I used to set 2 - 3 alarms to get me up in time to get to work and I still didn't get up in time about a quarter of the time!

My major achievement right now is setting new goals for the remainder of 2007. Yes, I know that bridges two half "school" years, but you know, that's how our schedule works! I actually have a written outline for what we will be covering, how it will be graded, and goals. The only question mark that I'm very unsure of is science. My weak point. I'm proving the scripture that says that if we will turn unto the Lord, he will show us our weaknesses that they may become strong. I purchased an Apologia text for last year on Flying Things that I think we will use now for the boys anyway. It is a very good text and interesting enough that Dragon has actually read parts of it. Only parts or I would move to the next text. Dog Lover will be learning about plant life, and both are learning about rocks and minerals right now. The library has a ton on that! We actually got started on that thanks to the Webelos geologist activity badge and then I found a cool sticker book at the homeschool convention I just attended last week.

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