Monday, May 7, 2007

Good piano session

I finally sat down to hear the boys practice the piano, and I learned that I can't leave it up to them yet. I'm not prepared to have them practice like I used to! :-) Just because I was shortsighted about that doesn't mean I have to allow them to make the same mistake! I can understand and sympathize when they don't want to practice, but I am still going to make sure they do it!

If we practice together again tomorrow, I think Steven will have some pieces to sign off tomorrow. He gets points for memorized pieces. He's coming along.

Dragon is also doing well. He is catching up to Steven because I am there to pass him off and assign new pieces as he is ready. This summer will be advantageous to Monkey because I will do the same for him. I need to find a different series of books to move Dragon into as well. I really like this Bastien series, but I don't want such an easy comparison between the boys! They both need to feel good about how they are doing! (I also think Dragon has the advantage because he hears Monkey practicing the songs before he starts them so it's kind of like practicing them in his mind.)

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