Thursday, May 10, 2007

If life is a bowl of cherries, what am I doing in the pits? ---Erma Bombeck

Today was emotionally a totally rotten day. The absolutely *only* thing that saved it was a nice annual membership to the Discovery Center. We had sandwiches, juice, and cookies, and headed for the car. I grabbed a book, and we were on our way!

Upon entering, I noticed it was totally silent. Amazing! I cannot tell you how good that was for me. My kids lit into the archeological dig site (right at the beginning) and started to identify the rocks on the wall. I found a "rock" to the side and sat down and read several chapters of Remembering Wholeness. The kids quickly found their way to the computer right by me, and went through the program about fossils, how they are formed, etc. After sometime there, the boys tapped me and asked if they could go back to where the water was. I don't know what you call it, but the kids can play in water to their delight, blocking and unblocking water, learning about turbine engines, water wheels, etc. Dog Lover stayed at the fossil program for quite a lot longer with me contentedly reading. Finally she asked if she could go upstairs and I suggested going in with the boys first. I don't think they have ever spent so long in that one room before, because I always got bored first. I think it was about 2 hours later when we moved on. I need to remember to always bring a book for now on!

We left somewhere around 4:30 and stopped at a music store near there (my favorite one.) It has books of music and all sorts of instruments. I loved it. The boys were playing together on an electronic piano (a pretty nice one), and it sounded very good to me. I was riffling through the various books of music. I am thinking about taking over Monkey's piano lessons, and changing the style of books the boys are learning from. I think they are getting bored, and duets would be a great thing for them. John Thompson actually has some. I didn't know that. I'm thinking about using some of that music. Then maybe I'll use John Schaum for some more variety. There's a series of books the boys are already using that has a great selection of popular songs. I really liked the "expansion" that the John Thompson series has had. They have several books for different kinds of music: American, around the world, popular, etc. I want Jim to look through all of them to make sure I'm on the right track and then I think we'll switch next month. Monkey's teacher is taking the summer off so it's a good time to explore.

Tonight I went to the women's Relief Society Enrichment night. We had a workshop on make-up and hair, etc. and one on photography. They were both excellent. We finished the photography one with time to spare and so I went into the other one. I looked about how I felt. I'm not sure I even had makeup on! I think I put some on earlier today, but it doesn't do so well with tears flowing. And yes, it was that kind of day. Why do you think we went to the Discovery Center? We always go to the Discovery Center when I'm on too narrow a ledge, above a waterfall a long way down. Because the membership is already paid for, expense is not an issue.

I think I'll go eat a bowl of soup and go to bed so my tummy is full. Hopefully that will help me to be more emotionally up tomorrow. I believe a good day is coming my way.

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