Saturday, April 7, 2007


We celebrated the 6th day of the day before the Resurrection, or the Jewish Sabbath today with a meal with lamb leg, challah bread, beets, corn, and parsleyed potatoes. Okay, so I'm not sure how traditional it was, but it was good. Tomorrow it will be simple with fish.

Otherwise, it was a Saturday for us since we hold our Sabbath on Sunday. The boys raked up the back yard and piled the sticks and spiny things from the sweet gum trees in piles. It is lovely to be able to go outside without tripping! The sticks and spinies were from the ice storm last January. We are still trying to clear everything out! Jim did a lot of cutting with the chain saw too.

Dog Lover and I worked inside making strawberry jam. We got a flat of strawberries put up in 5 batches of jam. I cut up the last pound and froze those for fruit smoothies. I had run out of pectin. I wanted some frozen anyway so those last few got used that way! Two days ago, I put up another flat of strawberries in 5 batches of jam. Dog Lover was heartily glad to be done mashing the berries too although she was very patient about it!

I made the challah bread after finishing the jam. The loaves were beautiful and very tasty too! Jim roasted the lamb, and then we finished it in the slow cooker while he took the kids to the library.

Tomorrow is our last day of Easter festivities. We are not doing the Easter bunny and baskets this year. We decided to focus on the Saviour, and it has been a wonderful week! Tonight we wrapped up with a treasure hunt about the plan of salvation. The treasure was ice cream and a discussion about D&C 138. I have been using the book A Christ-Centered Easter, by Janet and Joe Hales, for this week's activities.

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