Monday, August 11, 2008

The day's plans happened---that's all I'll give it

Today was not what I would term an outstanding success. The kids were looking at me like, "Are we done yet?" the entire time. When we launched into Astronomy, S-man asked, "Are we going to do something fun?" Nope, just read and learn together. After spending quite a bit of time with dissecting a poem and then reviewing English grammar, he was giving up the day as hopeless.

As he asked if we were going to do something fun for Science today, I realized that the day seemed very dry indeed. Science, of all things, should be more active! Is it Janice VanCleave that has the science books with activities? Somehow, I think it should be just a tad more pertinent. Everything around us is amazing; why should it just be something we read about in books?

As for dissecting poetry, I think dd is more attuned to that. Maybe I'll save it for her and break my boys in slowly. It figures; she's the word freak like her mom! I admit that I got really excited to discover the parallel between the message of the poem Skating, by Herbert Asquith, and the rhyming form. My daughter read it to hubby tonight at dinner. I made S-man read it to me out loud because I didn't think he was paying any attention to my instructions on how to read it and the significance of the form. He proved me wrong; I guess he's like the boys that Andrew Pudewa spoke about. He drove me to distraction, but he got the point.

I think it's good that we'll be doing Olympic-style activities tomorrow, including swimming! Maybe we can mix some Classical-style education with unschooling more often. Enough Classical to keep better records and enough unschooling to be interesting.

P.S. Check out this post. I especially liked the "are homeschoolers weird" one. That's something I've been thinking about lately. I agree that we're weird, and I think that is okay.


Mrs. Darling said...

Welll you're ahead of me. I havent even picked up yet this fall. Im sitll canning and doing summer stuff. I just cant fit school in until after the public school goes back to work!

And about science? Well Im not the one to answer anything on that cause Ive always hated

Happy face said...
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Happy face said...

We're only schooling 2 days a week since we are taking a couple of weeks off in October and again in December. This way, we can see what will work, what is too much, and what will not. This way, there is still plenty of time for other activities although I haven't been doing much on the canning front. Some freezing, but that's easier. We're new to gardening too so we have little more than a taster garden.