Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Konos---I'm loving it

If I had known back when I started homeschooling how much I would like Konos, I would have saved so much time! Then again, they didn't have the Konos in a Bag programs yet, and I didn't think I had the budget to buy the big book. I wish I had known how spot on it would be for us. I would have done summer daycare to have paid for it!

Konos is a classical, hands-on approach to learning, and it is clicking! Today was day 1 for the new year, and I am ever so pleased. Our Critical Learning project didn't work as planned, but that's okay. I think they got the idea, but even if they didn't, the rest of it made up for that lack.

Grammar was fun. We did some run-around labeling activities to identify nouns around the house. I need some more practice with the literature selections. Unfortunately, we have slipped on poetry so we have exposure issues to work on.

I'm really working backwards here because the first thing we did was read the Creation account in the King James Version (KJV) Genesis 1. We made it through the creationary day 4 because we are working on identifying and marking the key ideas as a precursor to note taking. Day 1 is going to stretch into Day 2 because we didn't read the whole chapter. In previous years, I have taken whole quarters for that chapter!!! Then too, we worked on nouns but not pronouns. That's okay though. They need mastery, not a cursory glance. The overall intent of reading the Creation account is to establish the sense of order in this Earth's organization, hence the thrust of this unit study.

We pursued that thought further. The Lord didn't explain all the steps he took to create this Earth---I believe he wants to encourage us to learn by study as well as by faith---but he consistently shows prophets the order of Creation. We talked about how he is a God of order, not of chaos. His prophets were expected to act according to the order he ordained, and the gospel the Savior established when he was on earth carried the same order. Thus the gospel today must have the same order because He is a God of order.

In review, I am really thankful this unit study came into my hands. It is making all the difference!

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