Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our week

Yesterday my daughter and I cleaned our 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan. It is now up for sale although I'm thinking I need to clean the carpets. I found two spots that are in need of carpet cleaner. Otherwise it's in great shape and just over 24,000 miles.

Today we headed out to the homeschool Edufair to see what kind of exhibits there were and peruse the free curriculum. We arrived in time for an excellent and entertaining presentation by the Conservation Dept. It was excellent. The Stream Team was also there with a demonstration on streams, and the All Tribal Indian Center brought many artifacts and told some Native American tales. My daughter also painted a picture at the Arts and Crafts center. Of course, I came home with a couple of armloads of books that I think we can use this year. We missed the final drawing for a Dillons gift card because we were too hungry to stay!

A couple of days ago, my kids participated in a mock Olympics in their book club and then more swimming. The leader of the group always prepares so well for the kids. They had all read a couple of short books with an Olympic theme this summer: Hour of the Olympics (Magic Tree House) and Going for the Gold (Time Flyers series). I had never heard of the Time Flyers series, but my kids enjoy them. They are fairly quick reads so not discouraging. I was going to say, "Even for my daughter," but she just finished Winn Dixie so that doesn't apply!

Our 100-math-problems-a-day has been going well with no groans. J-Dawg was a bit put out when he learned his brother and sister both got 100% yesterday while he missed one. He was especially disgusted when he saw the one he missed. Regardless, I bumped them all up a level. They are getting faster solving them, and that is the primary goal.

Now I need to go prepare dinner. Have a great evening!

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