Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Last chance---updated

I got some sobering news tonight. The co-op that I was counting on may or may not include other girls. The organizer is trying to get a firm decision from the other family tomorrow. We had worked so hard to put that together. I am very concerned about how few girls she is associating with. Unlike the boys, she has struggled with having girlfriends. The boys always had a crowd of boys, plus there were two of them. Now especially, social concerns are *not* a concern for them. But it is for my daughter. She really wants us to move to somewhere there are more girls in the neighborhood---she has repeatedly voiced that desire.

We are now facing the last days before school starts to decide whether my daughter will stay in homeschool, continue with gymnastics, and join Campfire girls, or go to school. It is her decision. Gymnastics is weighing in hard; it is a homeschool class so both cannot happen. I will also be contacting the other girls to find out if they will be continuing gymnastics as well. I'm pretty sure they are. We will go over tomorrow to walk through the school and talk to whomever we can talk to. She also has one last round of shots to get before the end of the week.

On top of her sadness for selling the van (up for sale), this comes as a momentous decision. We will be praying pretty hard about this, but we have to decide quickly and we are committed to doing what she wants. Then, if she goes, the shopping begins---ouch. If not, we're set for the year. We have more school supplies than you can shake a stick at but probably not the specific items required for 3rd grade at the neighborhood school. Definitely not the wardrobe either. What we don't need to spend on clothing, we more than make up for in supplies, books, and activities!

Next day: She decided to go to school so we spent a very harried day getting her registered and shopping. It makes me sad, but she is excited. It is a grand adventure for her, and I think there are some good things that will come of it.

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