Friday, May 2, 2008

Designing, cleaning, and reading

I thought I would be able to post my pirate lapbook tonight. Not so. I'm working on it, and I have lots of neat information to include on it, but it is not the easiest thing I have ever done!

The research is done. Now I have to get in and design it. I was under the delirium of believing I could use someone else's template, no matter what the topic, and just reproduce it. I guess I was wrong. Now I have to design it, and it probably won't be as professional as the one I linked. It will be a beginning though, and that's good.

So . . . that's the long way of saying that I will post it, for good or for bad, when I finish it.

For now, I'm off to bed. My kitchen doesn't look terrific (I just reorganized cupboards and am not quite sure to do with some things that no longer have homes), but the dishes and counters are clean. I also have another cupboard that really needs to be gone through. And I need to take out the fluorescent light covers and thoroughly clean up there. I have those dad gummed pesky grain moths again, and I am simply not ready to throw everything out yet again. Anyone tried those pantry moth traps? Are they any good? (The nice part is that I haven't found any in my cupboards where I'm liberally sprinkling mint leaves, but the bad part is that I have no clue where they are hiding. I just find them flying around especially when I flip on a light switch when it's dark.) The other nice part is that the mouse problem we have been contending with seems to be gone. (Translation: No holes in cereal bags that are in the cupboard the mice seemed to frequent. Either my dog has made a dent in their population, the poison has, or it is simply too nice outside for them to stay in.) I'll take any one of the 3!

For now, we are on a break, school wise. Taekwondo, gymnastics, swimming, lawn mowing, and scouting are in full swing, but formal academia has taken a bit of a break while I track down these moths. Spring cleaning is in session! Reading is at a high point too.

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My Ice Cream Diary said...

I often find that I need to change/personalize anything I copy from ther sources to make it fit my children.

I hope your moths and mice totally disapear.