Saturday, May 24, 2008

Why get an education?

Don't fail to get a good education while you're young. It will come in handy when you have to help with your children's home work.

That quote immediately brought to mind a story my father told me about when he was young. He needed help with his math homework, I believe, and his father took his book, studied the pages before it along with the page he was assigned, and then helped him understand it.

I had a college professor that told us basically the same thing. In talking to a class of future educators, he told us that we would be doing very well if we could stay 2 weeks ahead of the students. As a homeschooler, I count myself fortunate if I have a vision of where we are going let alone the finite details!


Kathryn Louis said...

I got a long way staying one lesson ahead of my tribe.


Happy face said...


Jen said...

I think that would be one of the biggest challenges of home schooling, especially if you are teaching multiple children/grades at the same time.