Friday, May 23, 2008

I get the lesson: Let go and let Him

Reading back over my last post, I realized I am always in a hurry to accomplish my goals. Then when they don't always happen by tomorrow, I often get discouraged.

For example, exercise. I am pleased to report that I have upped my physical activity level. I have ridden my bike almost every day. I have been quicker to take the dog for a walk (much to his thrill level), and I have been faster to walk to the grocery store (a block away.) I have not reached for the tape measure in all that time although I confess to looking at myself critically in the mirror.

Homeschooling presents a myriad of times like that. Times that I felt like pulling my hair out because my children couldn't read or read well. Then I would just forget about it and go on, reading everything to them because I didn't want learning to stop because of that one lack. And then realizing one day that my "poor" readers were reading!

Math was another nemesis that somehow got conquered when I gave the kids their usual assignments but didn't sweat it. Amazingly, 2 out of 3 are conquering it. The third will get it too and probably soon if the past is any indicator. I'll keep working with them without over-emphasizing it.

I remember when we knew we needed to move but didn't know where or what job would turn up. Instead, I asked that the buyer for our home would be there when we needed to sell, that the job would be prepared that my husband should take, and that the home on the other end be ready for us at the same time. It happened, and most of the time I managed to keep my hands off the steering wheel. The buyer made the offer before the first day of showing the home was over. We found our new home and closed on both homes by the end of the month.

So maybe the lesson I have to learn is to wait on the Lord. Give him the problem and let him carry it. He does so much better than I do. I just turn into a frazzled mess when I worry and stew. I get the lesson. I'll try to not try so much and trust Him to take care of it even when I slip (which may be often.) Because there is no doubt in my mind that He takes care of the details so much better when I don't worry and am ready for promptings.

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