Monday, May 5, 2008

Gardening at last

My daughter and I finished putting in our garden today. True, it is a diminutively-sized garden, but it is our first. We will have lots of spinach and lettuce if I keep it watered! I planted a few herbs, very few tomatoes, and a couple of yellow peppers along with a spearmint plant. I'm not sure what we'll do with the spearmint, but it will smell wonderful!

After we were all done, my daughter brought in 2 packs of red cabbage that she discovered while cleaning up all the empty packages. I guess we will be digging up weeds and grass from another flower bed in a couple of days. (We're do for rain tomorrow.)

She commented, "I didn't know it took so long to plant." Well, it doesn't always but the garden isn't big enough to make it worth the rototiller so we used the old-fashioned shovel. Besides, I didn't want to risk hitting a tree root. Our main crop in our yard is Osage oranges and gum balls from some rather large trees. Lots of shade and the squirrels especially appreciate the oranges. (They aren't edible to humans.)

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