Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Education here?

What did we do yesterday?

We had lessons on seeing a job through, negotiation, communication, attention to detail, seeing a job through, working on the computer after seeing a job through, staying on the job until it is completed, collections, actions and consequences.

Is there a recurring theme here?

The boys mowed lawns yesterday. They did an excellent job, but I had to keep rousting them out of the house and computer and back to it. They did complete the job although they lost computer privileges for the week. (To their credit, they did their best job yet on the lawns!)

Collections was the closest they got to math today. They got paid. They also got a taste of banking when they loaned Mom some money. It's sad when I have to borrow money from my 12-year-old sons. I'm grateful I could, and they'll get it back when they say they need it. It was only $15. On second thought, I'll buy their gas fillup. That should be slightly more than $15.

For "formal" science, they watched a DVD on Planet Earth from BBC Video. We also almost finished the Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis. We are also almost ready to turn in their Astronomy work to the merit badge counselor.

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