Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Exercise, workbooks, and trivia

The exercise plan is going well. I've been making the kids take me on bike rides. I have 4 inches to lose and not a minute to waste!

This morning we rode to the church and back this morning (not too far), then I accompanied the boys to taekwondo. A few minutes after I arrived home (coming back the long way), S-man steamed in after me wearing his white taekwondo pants and t-shirt. Apparently they forgot their belts, and he volunteered to come home for them. Awesome boy! It's only a 5-minute ride, but it's all uphill coming home!

I just realized I could ride to meet them on their way home. Make that 3 rides for today. Hmmm........... Nope, I'm making breadsticks for dinner. I'll take them to Scouts tonight instead.

BTW, I don't count calories or pounds either. I do not own a scale nor do I want one. The measuring tape is incriminating enough! Worse, though, are pictures from the back. Ugh. I was blessed with a flat bottom, but the hips, well, they are very capable of expanding. Hopefully, of shrinking too!!!! This isn't just "childbirth spread", I'm afraid.

The zoo was great. Lots of walking, but I got sunstroke so we came home earlier than usual. It was nothing that 4 Ibuprofen (or was it 5?---I was too sick with dizziness to care) and one long nap under a comfy comforter couldn't take care of. Jewell got to do lots of computer work, and Jim sailed home (I don't think his tires touched ground) to pick up the boys from taekwondo (TKD).

As to work, both boys and I sat down and individually worked through their workbooks. S-man and I worked some Singapore Math, Abeka Language, and American Publishing Maps and Geography, and J-Dawg did his S. math and Abeka too. We didn't get to his Maps and Geography workbook. It was time to leave for TKD.

Jewell and I will sit down with her workbooks tomorrow. Today she worked on her second grade software some more. Tomorrow we'll reverse the order of children.

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Kathryn Louis said...

Good for you! I'm glad that you're taking care of yourself.