Friday, June 27, 2008

Way to be!

Yesterday I took my dog to the vet. For the previous two nights, he has come into our room wildly shaking his head, flapping his ears hard, and setting his tags on his collar jingling. Nothing says ear infection quite so clearly. After trying home remedies for about a day with some result but no pain killer, I called the vet. As we came into the front office, my lovable, large dog put his paws up on the fairly tall counter. After being told to sit and wait for a minute, another technician walked into the desk area and my dog happily danced over and dropped his paws on the counter for a second round of loving. Before anyone asks: There is no way I could have managed a camera and pooch at the same time.

It struck me that my dog has a total expectation that everyone is his friend. He has no enemies, he has no fear, why shouldn't everyone fall in love with him? I had another dog, Bear, that was exactly the same way. Another huge behemoth. Never mind that I drag him away from the door before I open it and shut him outside where he can't overwhelm guests, never mind that people do indeed shrink away from him at first sight (even dog lovers). He is absolutely, totally convinced they are his friend. Even small children who are terrified of him become fascinated. His life is not complete until he gets a smile and at least a pat.

What a way to be!

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