Sunday, June 8, 2008

You'd think kids would say something

Not long ago, my sister and I talked about some of our experiences in public school in southern Maryland. Both of us commented that home was an oasis in an exceedingly complicated and awful world, but neither of us talked to each other or our parents about it.

Before anyone decides that we didn't have good family relationships, let me explain that we came from a highly verbal family. In other words, we talked! I know that I didn't see any benefit in complaining about the school situation because I didn't think there was any alternative.

As an adult, I realized that just about every teenager goes through garbage at some point at school. That was such an empowering moment for me to realize I wasn't the only one!

I thought it was interesting that my sister felt that we should have told Mother because she would have pulled us out and homeschooled us. I don't think so because I know (from conversations with her) that she had never heard of such a thing and would have tried to help in other ways. At that time, I was afraid my mother might go talk to the principal and/or teachers, and that could have backfired severely.

Ironically, my mother basically did homeschool us. The only subjects neither my sister nor I did well in were the ones Mother felt inadequate to help us with. Namely, science and math. The only time I brought home less than adequate grades was my last quarter in Maryland. Since my parents had already left and I flew to meet them in Denver, I intercepted the report card and destroyed it. That was the quarter a dear "friend" decided to spread miserable lies about me that I was sure everyone believed. I learned later that those who knew me understood those rumors were untrue, and nobody else cared.

Even though I didn't know of a solution and thought it pointless to tell my parents about what was going on, I did have a solid knowledge of who I was. I knew I was loved by my parents, and I knew I was a daughter of God. That knowledge strengthened me and created a reservoir that I drew on many times in my life. That is what our sons and daughters must know if they are to stay spiritually strong and morally clean. If my husband and I can only teach that to my children, we and they will be successful in this life.

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Mrs. Darling said...

Great post. I totally agree. Home needs to be the place where kids feel loved and nurtured. Great thoughts.