Sunday, June 29, 2008

Talents and personality color profile

To steal a line from a disappearing blog, I'm a great cook! Yup, my boys said so. In fact, they have said so repeatedly since coming home from Scout Camp!

Apparently, they weren't so impressed with the cooking there. Or was it the quantity? I know for sure they wolfed down the entire kitchen when they got home!

On another theme, I took an interior design style test and came up with this:

I am Botanical. Interesting. I have nothing wicker or floral. At the moment, I have no walls that are painted so boldly either. Of course, that could be because the previous owner painted over wallpaper to sell the house. After peeling wallpaper (badly) from one very small bathroom, I'm content with the rest of the house as is. Another interesting fact: J-Dawg tested the same. I promise I didn't influence his choices!

To take the test, go here.

My daughter tested as By the Seaside.

My husband's pick was Raffia. I think we're in trouble here!

And S-man's preference is Classic.

Thank you to Happy Hearts At Home for this link!


rks said...

Odd ... my profile came up the same as yours, but I actually liked the classic layout better!

Mrs. Darling said...

How funny. Mine came up the same as yours too and Ido like it!

Jen said...

Wow, I like them all, except the first one. I'll have to take it and see what comes up.

Happy face said...

The funny part was that my husband looked at his today and said, "I don't like it!" However, he loves the Seaside one---thought it looked very relaxing!

Alexandra said...

I love the wicker room! :)